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SEA Relocation

B2B & B2C Service


  • Market insights

  • Consumer research

  • Brand concept

  • Name creation

  • Logo design and VI system



Founded in 2005, SAE provides quality project management and relocation services to private and large enterprises. In aligning with its future business strategy, SAE hopes to upgrade it brand identity, demonstrating its international, professional and trustworthy image through a clearer and differentiated positioning. The aim is to expand its influence and recognition in the market.

Relocation services in the Chinese market are still stuck in labor services, consumers & the industry have not yet established a good concept of it.


The brand lacks core concept & visual unity, so it is difficult to generate high value & persuasive power to create differentiation.


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Qin Guo | Managing Partner


No. 228 Xiangyang (S) Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai


+86 (21) 6192 3899

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