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​Retreats, Education, Farm


  • Market insight

  • Consumer research

  • Brand concept

  • Brand naming

  • Logo design and VI system

  • Packaging Design


Beyond Retreats, is a world-class resort and tourism brand owned by HIG (Haden Investment Group). The company focuses on three major product lines: Natural science education, Resort and Real estate, and Eco-farm. By establishing a complete new brand filled with vitality, the goal is to communicate profound brand value and concept to people, inspire the new generation of consumers in China, and inject new energy to the sustainable ecological agriculture in China.


To create a brand concept and strategy that helps to enhance BEYOND’s brand awareness and value.

The main challenges are in the following points:

  • Diversified business formats but chaotic top-level systems and lack of a unified brand system.

  • The lack of overall brand framework construction makes it difficult to form a common understanding within the enterprise, and it is difficult to effectively promote and promote the external brand.

  • New ideas/models challenge the inherent cognition of the industry and consumers, and need to overturn the existing and reshape the new knowledge.


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