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  • Market insight

  • Consumer research

  • Brand concept

  • Logo design and VI system

  • Packaging Design


BALINI is a premium international coffee brand from Toraja, Indonesia. The BALINI family owns its own plantations in Celebes for the past 4 generations since 1927 and produces the rare Toraja Coffee, one of the most exclusive and finest coffee beans in the world. A coffee authority in Asia, it also creates new melanges, coffee creations and coffee mixes in its coffee and franchise shops throughout Asia.


To create a brand concept and strategy that helps to enhance BALINI’s brand awareness and value.


BALINI is a renowned brand with long and rich heritage for unique coffee production. They are aspired to grow their product portfolio and elevate their business proposition in China, Japan and other parts of the world.


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截屏2022-01-21 下午6.11.45.png
截屏2022-01-21 下午6.18.04.png
屏幕快照 2019-12-11 下午6.59.26.png
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屏幕快照 2019-12-11 下午7.01.03.png
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