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  • Campaign concept

  • Campaign KV

  • Creative copy

  • Campaign video

  • High-end photography

  • Social media contents

  • Point of sale materials


Island Shangri-La is the largest luxury chain hotel in Asia, with HQ located in Hong-Kong. In the preparation of the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, Shangri-La invited Brand Entre to plan a series of strategic campaign, aiming to deepen its communication with consumers and develop deeper in both overseas and domestic market.


According to different styles of the products and the different target consumers that Shangri-La has for this campaign, Brand Entre. created and extended visual elements and animation images into a richer and more appealing story, and applied them in different medias, which helps Shangri-La impress its consumers with its Asian Hospitality.


In the terms of design, through the combination of real products and illustration style, the aim is to bring a multi-dimensional story to the picture.


截屏2022-01-18 下午5.49.04.png
截屏2022-01-18 下午5.57.10.png
A4 Landscape Brochure Mockup - Free Version.jpg

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