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With an early start of dropping shipping bodybuilding supplements, 「GYMSHARK」 started to design and manufacture its own fitness apparel in 2013 and once was nominated as the UK’s fastest growing company in 2016. Nowadays, 「GYMSHARK」 sells their products directly to consumers in 180 countries via website and owns quite a number of loyal consumers.


「GYMSHARK」 was one of the first brands to make extensive use of influencer marketing by patterning with social media influencers, and it performs well by creating rich and appealing online content related with body shaping and fitness.


Through research, we found that generally most fitness apparel brands’ Chinese names are generated phonetically or by meaning bases on translation, and it is rare to have both. Phonetic translation are usually more distinct and catchy, but may not be easy to remember.


「GYMSHARK」 already has an English name which has a direct link to fitness industry, yet we need to create a Chinese name that has clear association with the business but without making it sound cliché, so that the consumers can feel the energy and strength from the brand image of 「GYMSHARK」.


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