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one on one

Customized Pet Food


  • Market insight

  • Consumer research

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand concept

  • Brand naming

  • Logo design & VI system

  • Packaging design

  • Mini program design



「one on one」 is a pet food brand originated from China, cooperating with professional pet nutritionists and vets, 「one on one」is devoted to providing precisely customized pet food for every pet through their tailoring technology. Targeting on highest level of precision measures for cats and dogs, the company wants to create a loving and trustworthy brand among Chinese pet lovers.

China's pet economy is in full swing, with unprecedented competition; but at the same time, the confusion in the pet food market is intensifying. To create a unique and differentiated brand we face many challenges:

  • In-depth mining of market and consumer perceptions and behaviors.

  • The strategy of transmitting the brand's core competence "science and algorithm" to the C-end consumers.

  • Extensibility of the brand's future market map.

  • Creation of a unique brand concept.

  • Design creation of brand DNA to visual extension.


220121 one on one.001.jpeg
220121 one on one.001.jpeg
220225 one on one-43.jpg
220121 one on one1.001.jpeg
220121 one on one1.002.jpeg
220225 one on one-44.jpg
220225 one on one-45.jpg
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Qin Guo | Managing Partner


No. 228 Xiangyang (S) Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai


+86 (21) 6192 3899

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