Website Creation
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Founded in 1986, SHB Shanghai is a Chinese OEM company providing a full range of auto parts and services. The company has an established reputation in both local and the global market. As a leader in the industry and with the ambition to go public, SHB is upgrading its brand to present a high-quality corporate image to enhance its business and market value at home and abroad.



Brand Entre. was enlisted to provide SHB with comprehensive website upgrade solutions, including brand concept design, webpage layout design, UX/UI and interface, etc., with the goal of presenting a modern corporate image.


 We created the brand concept, "Heritage and Progress”, which resonates and exemplifies SHB's corporate value. "Heritage" embodies craftsmanship through generations, while "Progress" reveals the spirit of modern enterprises in pursuing innovation. Coupled with the honor and trust built over from past decades, this new concept reflects the dynamism and richness of SHB corporate culture.


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